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Source Code Mp3 player offline menggunakan file mp3 yang disimpan pada asset serta dapat menambahkan file wallpaper berupa JPG atau PNG, source code sudah di lengkapi dengan admob , demo aplikasi : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tqpGWILvy8DbukOXxxNk7uLp1bQRPiaH/view?usp=sharing

  • capper

    9 Hours Ago
    Purchased Reply

    I bought your Blackpink app, but I am having problems with Google policy change. The Google policy has changed, so you need to update targetSdkVersion to 29 to release the app. Please tell us the solution guide or fix the problem Please e-mail me. capper8384@gmail.com

  • Fauzan

    9 Hours Ago
    Purchased Reply

    Apa Source Aplikasi ini gada update ya? terutama soal sistem Display iklan terbaru. Jadi semua App kena remove : About the Ad Fraud policy Ad fraud is strictly prohibited. Ad interactions generated for the purpose of tricking an ad network into believing traffic is from authentic user interest is ad fraud, which is a form of invalid traffic. Ad fraud may be the byproduct of developers implementing ads in disallowed ways, such as showing hidden ads, automatically clicking ads, altering or modifying information and otherwise leveraging non-human actions (spiders, bots, etc.) or human activity designed to produce invalid ad traffic. Invalid traffic and ad fraud is harmful to advertisers, developers, and users, and leads to long-term loss of trust in the mobile Ads ecosystem. App status: Removed

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