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HotelPro - Flutter Template UI Kits Apps. 

Hotel Booking Concept Flutter Template  with Robust GetX stateless management.


Lite, smooth state management. Clean Code. Almost 99% is StatelessWidget. Required GetX Plugins Flutter. Over 30 more screens for hotel booking concept.

Running well both Android & iOS. Inspired by https://dribbble.com/shots/14125538-Travel-App-Concept 

Link Demo Apk Installer:



Youtube HotelPro Demo


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Kebijakan Privasi


1. Visual Studio Code

2. Android SDK

3. Xcode iOS

4. Flutter Framework

## Getting Started

This project is a starting point for a Flutter application.

A few resources to get you started if this is your first Flutter project:

- [Lab: Write your first Flutter app](https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/codelab)
- [Cookbook: Useful Flutter samples](https://flutter.dev/docs/cookbook)

For help getting started with Flutter, view our
[online documentation](https://flutter.dev/docs), which offers tutorials,
samples, guidance on mobile development, and a full API reference.

Open VS code Editor, 

flutter pub get 

and then flutter run.

Enjoy your time, the HotelPro Apps is running on your device/simulator.

Contact me for support: erhacorpdotcom@gmail.com


  1. Splashscreen with Lottie Animation
  2. Login Page/Welcome Page, Apple Login, Google Login, Facebook Login
  3. Home with animation widget, category, handpick hotel list by city etc..
  4. Near Me, all hotel or city around you widget, smooth animation widget
  5. My Post, stories of your trip at the hotel, create post, describe your review etc.
  6. Profile, user management, with Photo Profile, Logout, Update Profile, your favorite and last visited by you.
  7. Amazing Search page, filter, location, nice widget etc..
  8. Category hotel page, smooth, lite, animation and all clickable to detail hotel screen.